FARO PLATINUM ARM 6 foot Rev 28.0, Includes software and hardware!!

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Here is a very nice Faro Platinum arm with LLP laser scanner.   It all works as it should.  I used it to reverse engineer components for my robotics company but now need something more mobile.  It includes multiple stylus probes, extensions, hard cases, tri-pod, vacuum mount, table mount.

It also includes software!!  First - it includes Faro Cam2 and a dongle, as well as an old Panasonic Tough Book if you want it... The Cam2 is old - it's V1, but with the dongle you can upgrade it for a lot less than buying it new....roughly half if I remember correctly.

Also included is Hires by ReverseEngineering.  This allows you to probe directly into Solidworks.  The dongle is unlocked and I just paid the annual maintenance ($2,000) about 4 weeks ago.  The software also has the ability to scan into Ansys SpaceClaim (not included - subscription is around $1600 a year) using Hires.  I didn't use that function much but it is included if you purchase a SpaceClaim license.  The software with the laser package is roughly $7k alone.

I have done a trial of DesignX and this laser scans just fine directly into that software.

This is a nice very loaded package with a lot of options.  Freight is the responsibility of the buyer.  It is as-is, due to the nature of sensitive equipment I cannot put a warranty on it.  You're welcome to come and see it in action previous to buying but there is no warranty or refunds.
Platinum with laser
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CMM Probe