Robot Reference Guide

Robot Cross Reference Guide
Use this guide to get robot payload and reach, as well as compare to other brands.
Note: For reference only. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors.

Payload ABB Robotics Fanuc Robotics Motoman Robotics
Model Control Reach Model Control Reach Model Control Reach
3kg IRB 140 IRC5 810mm LRMate 100i
5 axis
RJ to RJ3iC 620mm K3 ERC to MRC 859mm
  LRMate 200i
5 or 6 axis
RJ3 to RJ3iC 700mm SV3 MRC 677mm
  SV3X XRC 677mm
HP3 NX100 701mm
EA1400N NX100 2427mm
EA1600N NX100 3418mm
4kg IRB 1600ID IRC5 1500mm
5kg IRB 1410 IRC5 1440mm HP5 NX100 701mm
HP5 NX100 701mm
6kg IRB 1400
S4 thru IRC5
1440mm S6 / Arcmate 100 RJ and RJ2 1373mm K6 ERC to MRC 1322mm
IRB 1600 S4C+ thru IRC5 1450mm M6i / Arcmate 100i RJ2 to R30iA 1373mm SK6 MRC 1325mm
  M10iC / Arcmate 100iC /6L R30iA 1632mm UP6 XRC 1373mm
  HP6 NX100 1378mm
HP20-6 NX100 1915mm
7kg IRB 2400L IRC5 1800mm    
10kg IRB 1500
1542mm M16iL / Arcmate 120iL
RJ2 to R30iA
1885mm K10 ERC to MRC 1555mm
IRB 2000 S3 1542mm
IRB 2400/10 S4 to IRC5 1500mm M10iC / Arcmate 100iC R30iA 1420mm
IRB 3200 S3 2527mm M20iC 10L/ Arcmate 120iC/10L R30iA 2009mm
IRB4400/L10 S4C to S4C+ 2550mm  
12kg   S12 / Arcmate 120 RJ to RJ2 1542mm

16kg IRB 2400/16 S4C to IRC5 1500mm M16i / Arcmate 120i RJ2 thru RJ3iC 1542mm SK16 MRC 1555mm
SK16X XRC 1555mm
20kg IRB 2400/16 S4C to IRC5 1500mm M16iB-20 RJ3iB and RJ3iC 1667mm UP20 XRC 1717mm
IRB 4600/20 IRC5 2510mm M20 R30iA 1811mm HP20 NX100 1717mm
    HP50-20 NX100 3106mm
30kg IRB260 IRC5 1500mm S-700 RJ to RJ2 1616mm K30 ERC  
IRB 3000 S3 1950mm   K30 MRC  
IRB 3400 S4 1950mm  
IRB4400/L30 S4 to S4C+ 2430mm
IRB 4450S IRC5 2400mm
35kg     HP50-35 NX100 2525mm
40kg IRB4600/40 IRC5 2550mm    
45kg IRB 4400 S4C to IRC5 1950mm M710i RJ2 to RJ3iB 1900mm SK45 MRC  
IRB4600/45 IRC5 2050mm   SK45X XRC  
50kg   M710iC RJ3iC to R30iA 2050mm UP50 XRC  
  HP50 NX100  
60kg IRB4400/60 S4C to IRC5 1960mm M410i
4 axis
RJ to RJ3 3139mm  
IRB4600/60 IRC5 2050mm M-500
4 axis
RJ2 3820mm
70kg   M710iB/70 RJ3iB to RJ3iC 1893mm  
75kg   S420iL RJ2 3001mm  
90kg IRB6650S-90 IRC5 3900mm    
100kg   R2000iA/100P RJ3iB 3500mm K100 ERC to MRC 2387mm
  HP165-100 NX100 3010mm
120kg IRB6000 S3 2400mm S420F RJ 2400mm SK120 MRC 2573mm
  S420iF RJ-2 2400mm  











IRB6600/125 IRC5 3200mm    











IRB6640/130 IRC5 3200mm S430iF RJ-3 2643mm UP130 XRC 2561mm
IRB660 IRC5 3150mm S430iR RJ-3 3093mm  
  R2000iA/130U RJ3iB 2650mm
150kg IRB6400 - 2.4 / 150 S4 to S4C 2400mm S430iW RJ-3 2643mm K150 ERC to MRC 2387mm
IRB6400 - 2.8 / 150 S4 to S4C 2800mm S420iW RJ2 2400mm SK150 MRC 2573mm
IRB6620 IRC5 2200mm M410iWx
4 axis
RJ2 2925mm  
IRB7600-150 S4C+ to IRC5 3500mm  
160kg IRB640
4 axis
S4C+ 2906mm M410iB/160
4 axis
RJ3iB 3143mm EPL160
4 axis
NX100 3159mm
165kg   R2000iA/165 RJ3iB 2650mm ES165N NX100 2651mm
  UP165 XRC 2651mm
HP165 NX100 2651mm
170kg IRB6640ID
Hollow Wrist
IRC5 2750mm    
175kg IRB6600/175 IRC5 2550mm    
IRB6600/175 IRC5 2800mm
180kg IRB660 IRC5 3150mm    
IRB6640/180 IRC5 2550mm
185kg IRB6600ID
Hollow Wrist
IRC5 2550mm    
200kg IRB6400 - 2.5/200 S4C+ 2500mm S430iW-200 RJ3 2336mm UP200 XRC 2651mm
IRB6400 - 2.8/200 S4C+ 2800mm R2000iA-200EW RJ3iB 2650mm HP200 NX100 2651mm
IRB6600-2.75/200 S4C+ to IRC5 2750mm R2000iA-200R RJ3iB 2928mm  
IRB6650S-3.0/200 S4C+ to IRC5 3000mm S900 RJ2 2488mm
IRB6640-ID 200
Hollow Wrist
IRC5 2550mm  
205kg IRB6640-205 IRC5 2750mm    
IRB6660-205 IRC5 1930mm
210kg   R2000iA-210F RJ3iB 2650mm  
235kg IRB6640-235 IRC5 2550mm    
250kg IRB660
4 axis
IRC5 3115mm    
260kg   M900iA/260L RJ3iB 3100mm  
300kg   M410iB-300
4 axis
RJ3iB 3143mm EPL300
4 axis
NX100 3159mm
340kg IRB7600-340 S4C+ to IRC5 2800mm    
350kg   M900iA-350 RJ3iB 2650mm UP350 XRC 2542mm
  HP350 NX100 2542mm
400kg IRB7600-400 S4C+ to IRC5 2550mm    
500kg IRB7600-500 S4C+ to IRC5 2300mm   EPL500
4 axis
NX100 3160mm
  UP500 XRC 2542mm
HP500 NX100 2542mm
600kg   M900iA-600 RJ3iB 2832mm HP600 NX100 2542mm

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