Robot Refurbish Service



Industrial Robot Supply - robot refurbishing program:

General Refurbish:

  • Purge and grease all gear boxes, RV Reducer cavities, and bushings.
  • RV Reducer greasing completed with a GP600 Gen II grease system - details below.
  • Check and replace seals as needed.
  • Reset cabinets back to factory spec's - (external e-stops removed, external holds removed).
  • Re-grease balancers and other bushing / bearings on the mechanical manipulator.
  • Test and inspect teach pendants, replace overlays if needed.
  • Test and inspect teach pendant cables.
  • Professional paint job including new stickers, logos, and witness marks when avail. Custom paint jobs available on request.
  • 10 hour continuous operation test.
  • Gear backlash adjustment if needed, test and inspect any belts or pulleys.
  • Motor brake drop test
  • Visually inspect for damaged connectors, replace when needed.
  • Test all cables for wear and damage.
  • Clean all cabinet heat exchange equipment including fans and filters.
  • Remove custom I/O and file comments. Delete existing programs from previous use.
  • Change CPU battery and encoder batteries.
  • Complete Service Documentation / Traveler with each robot.
  • RPAT Repetitive Position Accuracy Testing - now standard with every robot
  • Re-install proper licensed software in all Fanuc robots.  Does not apply to Motoman or ABB.

Advanced Refurbish:

  • Includes all points in General Refurbish
  • Replace internal wiring harness
  • Replace teach pendant cable
  • Rebuild motor bearings and breaks

Additional options include replace all RV reducers and harmoic drives,  Advanced refurbish jobs are quoted upon request.



The GP600 Gen 2 is a patent-pending 6-axis automated greasing system we've developed specifically for pumping and purging grease into industrial robots. The system utilizes industry standard Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC system, analog and digital I/O, and a 9" Panelview HMI. It's designed to safely administer grease, as well as purge worn grease to a 6-axis robot with programs developed for a wide range of popular robots. Users can also add their own programs. Many variables such as pump extend and retract times, as well as grease cavity volumes can be edited to suit. This system pumps from a 55 gallon drum, and utilizes open-air drains (into buckets) that are later cleaned out with an air vac. We leave the drains / vents unplugged and open to offer the least amount of pressure restriction at the gearbox exit point. 
The system is designed to not allow more than 22.5 PSI of pressure enter the gearbox. If that pressure is reached, the pump is fully retracted and is paused until pressure equalizes. Pump travel speed is mechanically adjustable to ultimately tweak the pressures at the gearbox.
Many industrial robots are greased incorrectly. Maintenance personnel will a lot of times use a manual grease gun which over pressurizes the grease cavity resulting in blown seals and damaged motors. This causes tens of thousands of dollars in damage, and long robot downtime.
This system will grease an entire 6-axis robot like a Fanuc S-430i or R2000i in approx 30 to 35 minutes. With hookup and taredown, a robot could be greased in 40-45 minutes. This is versus 4 to 6 hours using traditional methods.
These greasing systems offer extremely fast ROI and enormous savings in labor, downtime, and parts costs.

For smaller shops, we offer 2-axis, 3-axis, and 4-axis pumping systems as well.

Please contact us for more information on our GP600 G2 pump systems.