Terms and Conditions

Returns and Refunds:

Items can be returned for a refund or replacement under warranty.  You must contact us to receive an RMA.  Return shipping is to be paid for by the customer.  Non defective items or items returned within 10 working days will be accepted with a 25% restocking fee.  Returns outside of 10 working days are not accepted.  

Shipping / Delivery for Orders - Web or phone in:

NOTICE: Orders processed AFTER 2:00PM EST MAY NOT MAKE IT OUT THAT SAME DAY.  If you have a rush order, PLEASE contact us before 2:00PM EST to process it.  Thank you.

Items are typically shipped the same day payment is received if its ordered before 2:00PM EST.  Tracking information is emailed to the customer.  Delivery is typically by common carrier, but will call pickup is also available.

Standard Terms and Conditions V2019-1.39 

Purchasing: By receipt of a Purchase Order by the Purchaser, the Purchaser hereby agrees to all Terms and Conditions of this quotation and sale set forth by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions revision number dictated by a "V" supersedes any previous revisions. Current quotation revision designated by an “R” plus a number supersedes previous revision in the series with the same quotation number. Customer issued PO must match payment terms set forth in this quotation. Any deviation will not be accepted. All payment negotiations must be completed before purchase order is issued, and must be agreed to in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. with a revised quotation reflecting said negotiated terms.   Order cancellations after a PO has been issued to IRSI are subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

General: Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. shall in no event be held liable for damage or delay caused by defective parts and will not accept any charges for work performed by Purchaser in making adjustments or repairs to the equipment unless such work has been authorized in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. shall not be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising in connection with the use, misuse, or inability to use the equipment in this quotation for any purpose whatsoever. Unless otherwise stated in the above quotation, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. does not guarantee any welding process, tool path process, or any other robotic-applied process beyond the control of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. No representative, agent, or dealer has the authority to obligate Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. by any terms, stipulation, or conditions not herein expressed. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.’s maximum liability for any claim arising hereunder or relating to the products sold to the Purchaser hereunder (whether for breach of warranty or otherwise) shall be limited to the obligation to repair the non-conforming product. Purchaser agrees that this sale is completely made in the State of Pennsylvania in that the laws of the State of Pennsylvania shall apply concerning any controversy or claim regarding the equipment. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. from all claims, damages, liabilities, attorney's fees, and expenses arising from the ownership or use of the equipment. This proposal and all proposal drawings submitted contain proprietary information that are the sole property of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. and are confidential. Reproduction of any part thereof or use for purposes other than those expressly permitted by Industrial Robot Supply Inc. are prohibited.

Taxes, Duties, & Fees: The amount of any sales, use, excise, or similar taxes applicable to the equipment sold, imposed upon, and paid by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc., shall be added to the purchase price, or subsequently billed to the Purchaser. Various states and Municipalities may require a fee or an inspection of the installed equipment. No provision for this has been made within the price. Various duties for import / export may be added to the final price depending on the country of shipment. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. is not responsible for any duties, import taxes, fees, brokerage fees, or any other additional fee associated with the shipment of any product shipped from Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.

 Customer Delays: In an event the Purchaser finds it necessary to delay work on an order in process for lack of parts, design changes, production issues, employee issues, or other such reasons beyond Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.’s control, and since at the time a work stoppage may occur, Industrial Robot Supply Inc. reserves the right to invoice for the completed work as per the original terms and conditions. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. may, at that time, have other project obligations that it must move forward on. In the event of a customer delay, it is to be noted that the original project schedule agreed upon in the Purchase Order will no longer apply to the project. Due to the complexity of scheduling projects along with other obligations that may be had at the time of delay, the project delivery date will be unknown until it is able to be worked back into the workload that Industrial Robot Supply Inc happens to have at the time. It is to be noted that a delay can cause many months of scheduling conflict and severely impact the overall delivery of the system delivery time originally agreed upon.
Additionally, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. reserves the right to have its installation crew and Engineers leave the Purchasers premises in order to fulfill other obligations that may present themselves, at which time the Purchaser’s must re-schedule the remainder of the project in respect with other projects that Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. may be obligated to. Notification of delay must be sent to Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. and any modified progress payment terms are to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Any deviation from original payment terms agreed upon must be approved in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.

Additional Work Not Quoted: Any additional work performed by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. that is not included in the quotation as a responsibility of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. under the original purchase agreement will be billed hourly at a rate of $150/hr straight time, $225/hr after 8 hrs. Additional work may include but is not limited to: any installation and wiring of any equipment not supplied by or quoted by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc., additional electrical hand-shaking signals not proposed in this quotation, additional programming time due to process changes outside of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. control. If equipment not supplied by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. including but not limited to loading cartridges, conveyors, shuttles, part location devices, or the like require any additional engineering or design alterations to work with a robotic process, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. reserves the right to charge the rate above to make the required alterations, or reject said apparatus - this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. When such additional work is requested, an Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. Field Engineer will supply an Engineering Change Request form describing the work to be performed, and the rate to be charged. The Purchaser MUST SIGN this form BEFORE any work is performed. In addition, an instance such as above will institute a Customer Delay as described in Section 4.

Freight and Shipping: Unless otherwise specified everything shipped from Industrial Robot Supply, Inc whether it is via common carrier freight, parcel, or any other method including direct shipping with our vehicle is FOB our dock or building. Photographs are taken of the equipment in its as-loaded condition on the carrier. All shipments from Industrial Robot Supply including any robotic equipment under warranty must be transported in an air-ride trailer with a qualified professional freight transport outfit or company. This includes freight that has been delivered to the purchaser from Industrial Robot Supply, and is moved to any other location other than the original destination on the PO. If the freight is transported on a non-air-ride trailer to the purchaser or from the purchaser to any other destination at any time, the warranty is immediately void. This includes but is not limited to any other method of transportation from a pickup truck to an airplane. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. can only recommend experienced carriers with proper equipment for shipping robotics. In the event the Purchaser finds it necessary to schedule an unqualified shipment for robotic equipment and Industrial Robot Supply is aware of this method, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. will notify the customer immediately before shipping that their warranty will be void if they so choose that shipment, and if the equipment is at Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. facility, Industrial Robot Supply Inc reserves the right to hold the equipment and deny the shipment at its sole discretion. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. is in no way responsible for any freight or shipping damage whatsoever. In the event that equipment is found damaged, it MUST be reported BEFORE signing the BOL accepting the shipment at the Puncher's facility. Any damage must be reported to the carrier and a proper claim must be filed, AND must be reported to Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. IN WRITING. If equipment is damaged during transit, and arrives at the Purchasers facility as such, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. retains the right to BILL IN FULL for the work performed and the products successfully shipped from our facility. Any equipment damaged in freight is no longer covered under any warranty unless it is returned to Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. for recertification.

Warranty, Issue reporting, and method of correction(s): Purchaser understands that unless otherwise specified the equipment in this quotation is refurbished. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. strives to provide excellent comprehensive testing and repair on the equipment before it is shipped, but it must be understood that the equipment is used and can experience failure. If such event occurs, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. will react as outlined below. Major components covered under IRSI warranty: Manipulator - motors, brakes, RV reducers and harmonics for failure or excessive backlash, wiring harness, connectors. Control - Servo drives, Discharge packs, CPU, I/O cards, power supply, back planes, E-stop boards. In instances where the purchaser is integrating the I/O system and interfacing signals including discreet I/O signals or safety system signals - any and all I/O modules and any related safety hardware or estop boards may not be covered under this warranty due to damage potentially caused during this integration process not performed by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. Unless otherwise stated used welding power supplies and welding equipment such as interface units, wire feeders, torches, and torch breakaway clutches are not included in this warranty. New equipment or components not of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.’s own manufacture is sold under warranty only as the makers thereof give Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. and Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. is able to enforce, but such items are not warranted by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. in any way. When any components are assembled in combination with the Purchaser’s design, the warranty is limited to each separate component and not upon any combination as such. Unless otherwise stated in the above quotation, Industrial Robot Supply Inc warrants used robot components described above for a term of 180 days covering parts only from the date of original shipment, or 1500 additional hours on the unit after shipment, whichever comes first. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. only issues a warranty for robot components described above sold within the United States or Canada and operating within the United States or Canada, and is able to enforce. The purchaser will notify Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. immediately of any defective part(s) and/or error code(s) experienced in the system or unit. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. will attempt to remedy the issue(s) via phone support through various methods of data collection and troubleshooting. Many issues and error codes are able to be cleared and corrected via phone support and are a result of operator error. Very specific troubleshooting techniques may be required, and must be followed exactly as Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. mandates at the time. If the issue cannot be remedied via phone support, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. or an authorized third party shall thereupon correct the defects via replacement part shipment and/or the deployment of a technician to replace the part, depending on the situation. Unless otherwise stated, labor is not included in this warranty. The purchaser must issue a purchase order for the service work to be completed at $125/hr straight time plus travel and lodging. It is to be noted that same day or immediate deployment of a technician may not be available at the time of issue, and must be scheduled accordingly. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. reserves the right to utilize used or reconditioned part(s) for warranty replacement, a decision which is made at the discretion of Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. on a case-by-case basis. If a replacement part needed is not in Industrial Robot Supply, Inc inventory at the time of issue, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc will procure the item in the most expedient manner available at the time, which could include direct drop-ship to Purchaser if available. Defective part exchange will be required. Returned part will be evaluated at Industrial Robot Supply Inc facility. Physical damage to returned part from abuse or operator error is not covered under this warranty, this includes any improper methods of freight or shipment as described in Section 6, and Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. reserves the right to invoice in full for the replacement part if abuse, neglect, operator error, or freight damage is determined to be the cause of failure, Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. has a method of determining if the original part is indeed what was shipped to the Purchaser. If original part returned is not original part shipped, an invoice for the replaced part could be sent to Purchaser. Unauthorized modifications to any equipment under warranty shall immediately void the warranty. Any equipment modifications must be authorized in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. Normal wear in tooling and consumables are not covered under this warranty. Failure due to abuse, neglect, or improper freight delivery (Section 6) are not covered under this warranty. Some examples of abuse include, but are not limited to, robot crashes, cycle speeds above design limitations including any acceleration modifications to programs beyond what is factory pre-set, modifications to robot system parameters that are pre-set by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. and/or the robot manufacturer (unless authorized in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.), e-stop conditions that cause immediate and abrupt robot stops can and will cause catastrophic damage to robot and/or positioner components and such instances are not covered under this warranty, frequent operator entry into light-curtain zones while robot motion is still present will damage components and the result is not covered under this warranty, over-loaded positioners or robots that are forced to operate beyond their payload, speed, or envelope capabilities immediately void this warranty; down time and related lost production time or any related or unrelated costs due to equipment failure are not covered under this warranty. Items such as: batteries, teach pendants, touch screens, HMI/Panel Views, grease and oil seals, loose bolts, controller fans, floppy drives, PCMCIA card readers, and consumables are not covered under this warranty. The warranty is void if the equipment is altered without approval in writing by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc., improperly operated, improperly transported, improperly maintained or payments are not made according to this agreement. If the final installment invoice for this equipment is over 30 days past due, the warranty is immediately and irreversibly void, absolutely no exceptions. It is to be noted that any issues with dead batteries, memory loss or software corruption on any robot, new or refurbished, that has been stored at customer’s facility for over 30 days after shipment from Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. without power are not covered under this warranty. Equipment damaged in freight voids this warranty, unless such equipment is sent to Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. at the purchaser’s cost for recertification. Upon the expiration of warranty period, all such liability shall terminate without notice.

Safety, Purchaser is responsible for following all legal guidelines for safety practices of this equipment including but not limited to OSHA/ANSI/RIA requirements for automated and robotic equipment. Integrated Systems provided by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. are built to the latest ANSI/RIA safety requirements. Any unauthorized alteration of or tampering with the safety system provided by Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. immediately voids any warranty, and could put personnel at risk of injury or death. Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. is not responsible in any way for any incidents which may occur as a result of tampering with the originally designed and documented safety equipment provided.

Payment Terms Notes, Our systems are billed in progress payments. Typically, 50% with the order, 40% upon shipment, and 10% upon startup. We have made two very important changes to our billing terms. First, freight will be billed in conjunction with the 40% upon shipment instead of adding to the final 10% invoice. Second, we install a 30-day timer from the date of shipment in our PLC logic. After 30 days have expired, the timer will lock the PLC/HMI system from functioning. A password code will be provided after the final 10% payment has been received. If the final 10% payment is over 30 days past due, the system warranty is void as per section #7. That cannot be reversed. However, if the final 10% payment is received after 30 days the PLC password / code will still be given to the customer to continue system operation.

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