17th Aug 2014

Faster and More Affordable Production with Used Welding Robots

When you're setting up a fabrication shop, you're thinking about every piece of equipment that needs to be installed and the costs associated with those pieces. You know that you need a dedicated welding area and all the necessary equipment to make your welding process safe and efficient. If you're worried about the affordability of automated production equipment, visit Industrial Robotix today. Our used welding robots will make your production both faster and more affordable. We always carry an inventory that will meet your welding needs.

This Fanuc M6i/Arcmate 100i has been fully inspected, purged, greased, re-calibrated, as well as had its batteries replaced and received a new paint job. It can be put to use for a number of applications and comes with a six months parts warranty. We know this robot will serve you well and that before long, you'll see an uptick in production speed and quality. Our used welding robots can be shipped to you quickly, so that you can get everything set up and begin on your very first project.

At Industrial Robotix, we stand behind our commitment to quality and superior customer service. We can help you with any fabrication questions and answer any inquiries about setting up your shop for a streamlined process. We maintain a professional approach to fabrication and automation, and have the knowledge and expertise to assist you however we can. When you're organizing your first shop, give us a call or stop by our site today. You'll always find a friendly face that's ready to help.