20th Jul 2014

Faster Fabrication with Our Robotic Welding Cells

When you run a fabrication shop or manufacturing business, you know that deadlines can approach quickly. You have to make sure that your automation and labor remains on task and functional in order to meet those deadlines. If your robotics break down, it can virtually halt your progress. With robotic welding cells from Industrial Robotix, you can remain productive while keeping your costs low. By retrofitting your existing setup and using refurbished robots, we can ensure that your assembly line flows smoothly without breaking the bank.

Our EXAXIS IR220T Cell is designed for multiple fixtures and allows the operator a longer reach. It features complete flash protection and can be fitted with a number of used or new robots. You'll be amazed at how quickly and evenly you'll be able to weld, keeping your projects on schedule. You'll never feel out of position or that you're looking at your weld from an awkward angle. 

We are company that cares about quality. We don't ever want to offer empty promises and when it comes to robotic welding cells, we stand behind our experience and knowledge. If your shop needs an upgrade in robotics or your current automation isn't keeping up with your customers' demands, get in touch with us right away. We carry several rare and hard-to-find parts, so if something in your shop breaks, let us know. Chances are, we'll have exactly what you need. Keep your business booming by contacting Industrial Robotix today. We'll have you up and running in no time.