8th Sep 2014

Increase Your Output with Robotic Welding Cells

The strength of your fabrication shop is the expertise and skill of your technicians. If they can work quickly and effectively, you can complete projects in less time, and have fewer to no errors on your finished work. If you're looking to maintain that level of professional work and increase your output at the same time, then you need to check out the robotic welding cells at Industrial Robotix.

Our EXAXIS robotic welding cells will make a great addition to your shop, and with their "plug and play" setup, you'll be welding and fabricating in no time at all. The SP3000 features full safety guarding, full flash curtains, and an interlocked access gate that keeps everyone involved protected. It can be used with multiple welding platforms, so if you need a MIG setup, we'll make sure your cell is set up perfectly. Also, with the option of used and refurbished robots, you can save your business even more money.

Industrial Robotix is dedicated to not only providing great products to our customers, but also providing the technical support and advice that shop owners may need. If you're installing robotics for the first time, we'll gladly help you decide on the right setup for your workspace. We want you and your business to remain successful, and if we can contribute to that success in any way, we will be very happy. We're always ready to help, so let us know today how our products and expertise can help you remain productive.