Posted by Madwire on 13th Oct 2014

Sell Your Used Robots

If you are looking for the next big thing to include in your company, you need Industrial Robotix. At Industrial Robotix you can expect to not only find all of the used industrial robots you need, but all of the parts and help you need too! We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to robotics. All things robotics is what we are, and we are proud to be here for you whenever you need us!

You are probably wondering what kind of used industrial robots you can find at our online store, and the fact of the matter is, the sky is our limit! We have everything from Motoman robot parts, robotic welding cells and even used ABB robots. If you’re not looking to buy right now, but you are looking to sell your well-used robotic parts and machines, then you will be interested in what robotics we are looking for. Currently, you can expect us to be interested in purchasing your Fanuc Arcmates and Motomans. We are aware that we have many competitors online and because of this, we will offer you 10% more for choosing Industrial Robotix to sell your used robots and parts to. Does this sound like a deal you can’t pass up? Go ahead and give us a call to contact us! We can converse about what you are willing to sell us, and we will make you a formal offer. Visit us online today and learn more about what we are looking for!