Posted by Madwire on 24th Sep 2014

The History of Industrial Robotics

You may use robots every day to assist you in creating great things at work, do the dirty work at home or even clean the bottom of your pool, but do you really know when the first industrial robots were introduced to the world and what they did? We want to bring you back in time to tell you a little more about the history of robots and how far we have come in the past 30 years!

The very first industrial robots were introduced to the world back in 1961. They were the robots who helped General Motors complete a job well done! They were casting machines that helped to perfect the GM you’re now driving was created by a robot, which is a pretty interesting fact to tell at your next family dinner. Another fact in history is that robotic welding cells were first launched in 1975. These robots are some of the first robotics that actually did their job around the clock, so humans could go home and enjoy life with their family and friends at night. For nearly 25 years, these amazing robots never laid down their tools. They are still, to this day, an unmanned station and operate 24-7. In 1982 however, the first hydraulic spot welder was released. It was designed to only be able to perform spot welding and was the first hydraulic robot with an arm.

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