16th Jun 2014

We Can Handle Your Robotic Welding Cells and Retrofits

At Industrial Robotix, we know how important your welding robots are to you. They're the backbone of your fabrication or manufacturing business, and when they break down, business can greatly slow down. Don't let malfunctioning or aging robots keep you from staying on schedule. With robotic welding cells on hand and the ability to retrofit your system, Industrial Robotix can save you both time and money. We can install a new or refurbished robot into your existing system along with a new power supply, and you'll be up and running in no time.

With robotic welding cells from us, you can look forward to many more years of functioning and operational robots. We can also install light curtains and laser scanners, adding new safety measures to your operation. In some cases, we will even purchase your outdated robot from you and credit that towards the cost of your welding upgrade. By using your existing structure, you don't have to pay for a complete overhaul and completely new machinery.

Keep your business running by contacting Industrial Robotix today. We are always glad to help you retrofit and redesign your welding setup. We can accurately diagnose and determine what your robot's issues are, and what the best course of action will be to replace it. We carry a large inventory of parts, so if you need something you can't find elsewhere, chances are that we have it in stock. Contact us today with your robot needs. We're always excited to meet new people and help them in any way we can.