18th May 2014

We Keep Robotic Welding Cells in Stock Just for You

You're in the middle of a major fabrication project and things are going well. You have a majority of the pieces made and have begun to put everything together, but then something goes wrong. One of your robots begins to malfunction and production grinds to a halt. Don't let a machinery breakdown keep your from completing the project. If you need robotic welding cells, you can find them at Industrial Robotix. Our EXAXIS line of welding cells are designed for use with refurbished robots, and can have you up and running again in no time. We always keep cells in stock to ensure fast delivery times. 

Our EXAXIS IR180P Weld Cell is engineered to be unloaded from the truck, hooked up to power and air, and have your robots welding again within hours. If you need a refurbished robot for your setup, you can also find those in our online store. We carry a variety of high-quality brands and every robot is professionally refurbished under exact specifications. We want to keep your fabrication shop running for years to come. Our robotic welding cells are designed to keep your employees safe. The operator stand can be moved to the desired position and the safety guarding and full flash curtains keep everyone's eyes protected.

Keep your project on schedule by shopping for robotic welding cells from Industrial Robotix. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can be set up and welding once again. No one likes to have a malfunctioning welding robot. You won't have to worry about that any more once you receive your new cell from us.