FW3000 Weld Cell


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The FW3000 Robotic Welding Cell from Industrial Robotix

Our latest cell release - our FW3000 3-axis ferris wheel system is for high-volume production.  Multiple FW3000 three-axis servo positioner options available for varying payload, span, and swing dimensions.  It also can be supplied with a wide range of new or used robots from Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, OTC, and more!


Standard features include:
*FW3000 3-axis ferris wheel positioner, 180 degree oscillating sweep, double Welker shot pin, rigid tab-slot steel construction, machined faces    
  Payloads up to 3000# per side, multiple spans up to 14'
*Single or multi-arm configurations

*Full Allen Bradley CompactGuardLogix PLC/Safety package with light curtains, non-contact door sensors, non-contact servo positioner sensors, 9" color Panelview HMI.
*Cascaded light curtain operator protection

*Full safety guarding 
*Full flash curtains around cell
*Compact operator stand with HMI
*Multiple welding packages from Miller, Lincoln, OTC, Fronius or others.
*OSHA / RIA compliant 

Optional features:
*Torch reamer
*Installation and startup
*Tooling design and build
*Weld fixture design and build
*Optional Imperial Systems CMAXX, Shadow, or Airport smoke removal systems

12 months parts